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How it works


Select from our wide variety of signature created dishes and custom meal prep options. Choose between in store pick up or local delivery.


Out staff will carefully prep, cook and package all of your meals and have them fresh and ready to eat. No cooking required!


You choose whether to pick up your meals from SLATE Steak, Sushi and Cocktails, our leased kitchen space, or even choose a delivery method in case you are busy. We never want you to miss out


Our meal containers are both microwavable and oven sustainable. In just minutes you will be enjoying restaurant quality meals from the comfort of your own home.

Meal Packs

One-Time Order

Select 5, 7, or 11 meals that can be shipped within your area or you can pick-up at our leased out kitchen space, SLATE Steak, Sushi and Cocktails (Camarillo location)

Weekly Subscription

Recurring Order

Want to reduce the time you spend on making food? Let our chef's create your meals based on your preferences. We take account your allergens, dislikes, likes and previous history to give you the best meal possible.

Gisell Langelier

Amazing! The food is delicious and nutritious. Truly a remarkable synergy of flavors. Also, I was pleasantly surprised to see the food looked like the photo. Overall, I am very satisfied with the ordering process/delivery and the food of course

Jordan Easley

Mack’s meals makes everything so convenient for me. I’m a busy mom and rarely have time to meal prep during the week. Mack’s meals has been such an important part of my weight loss journey. Not only are Mack’s meals healthy, but they are portioned correctly as well, which saves all the guess work for me. Im the pickiest eater but with Mack’s meals I find at least one meal each week I wish I had ordered more of. I’m so happy I was introduced to Mack’s meals awhile ago, by my trainer Lacee. I look forward to all of the great things that are to come for Mack and his business.

Dawn Howard

Delicious, quality, hand crafted from sctrach, fresh as can be. Makes lunch convenient and energy free while maintaining a health balanced diet. And Mack is just one of the kindest humans ever.

Joe R

Hands down better than any other meal prep service I’ve had before. So much more than just a meal prep, quality food, and a rotating menu. Mack’s meals has set the bar incredibly high.

Erika Martinez

One word, AMAZING!!!! Amazing food, amazing service, and amazing person! I look forward to my meal prep every week, he gives such a variety and the flavors are impactful! His technique and flavors blow my mind ! I would recommend 100% to anyone, Don’t sleep on it , order ASAP!

Nick Brush

Ordering Mack’s Meas saves me so much money! I normally spend $12-$15 per meal when I’m OUT or $17-$25 if I’m at home and lazy using Postmates or DoorDash. It’s so convenient to have gourmet & restaurant quality meals in my fridge ready to go. They offer pickup or delivery. I don’t know ANYTHING about making food so this is so much easier!!

Gia Allen

Mack's meals are so stinkin good and cost effective! This has been a life saver for us and our family to be honest. Figuring out what's for dinner every dang night gets old and these meals never get old!

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